There is a free spirit in every dog

Hippie Wings

Dog Running For The Puppy At Heart

Hippie Wings specializes in Dog  Running!  This is a one of a kind service!  Never before have you seen such a thing.

Another thing that sets Hippie Wings apart is our ability to have a one dog only policy. We guarantee that we will never Walk/Run your dog with any other dogs!  We designed special group walks/social hour and dog park trips for dogs that prefer social time. Otherwise we believe that every dog should get the one on one attention that they deserve.  

Check out all of our services and please contact us at any time! We have new pricing and plenty of availability. Our friendly staff members are willing to accommodate dogs of any kind. No dog gets left behind! The Hippie Wings family has been apart of the Santa Clarita Valley community for over 50 years and we are always looking for new ways to give back. Let Hippie Wings be there for your loved one when  you are away. We can't wait to meet your best friend. Peace, love, light and dogs.

"When you run for yourself it's rewarding, but when you run with a dog it's healing."

                                                             -Brianna Galiher

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